Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Print o' the Wave, Beginning

I cast of a giant ridiculous project on Sunday night, the peacock sweater I created and named Engel's Flaming Peacock. I need to pick up stitches and reinforce the collar, and add buttons, and it will its own proper blog entry. But tonight, while waiting for things to get out of the oven, and waiting for the washer to finish so I could put things in the dryer; I wanted something relatively easy, familiar, but just a little complicated. I didn't want to have to do the math for figuring out how many stitches I will need for the hood on my Pixie Hood, and it is too hot to really think about knitting with thick alpaca and silk for winter anyway.

I pulled out this lovely blue and purple skein of yarn I bought on impulse online, sight completely unseen from Posh, in one of their rare orphan sales. I think I bought it knowing the fiber content and nothing else. Its name is Chloe, the yarn that is, I haven't named the project. I trust them, they do beautiful yarn always, and this was no exception.

I sat and balled the yarn and debated patterns and watched TV and annoyed the poor dog by not paying any attention to him at all. I settled on knitting Eunny Jang's Print o' the Wave, for the third time. Familiar, simple lace, and lovely. It should go fast, since it is after all the third time I'm knitting it, and I am better now at picking up stitches than I was the first time I did this.

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